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    Varia is a Rotterdam based initiative, which started in 2017 from the need to open up their members' practices and organise ad-hoc public or semi-public moments among different configurations; at its core it aims at developing critical understandings of the technologies that surround us. Varia experiments with tools for building physical and digital infrastructures in a collective way.

    Our ways of being together as a collective-space are mediated through the following documents: our Code of Conduct which describes shared values and expected behaviour, a collective statement which contextualizes our situation, and membership guidelines where you can read about our membership model.


    Gouwstraat 3
    3082 BA
    Rotterdam (Charlois)


    Mailing List

    You can subscribe to our mailing list to be kept up to date with what's going on.


    Some of us lurk #varia on the IRC Freenode network.


    Another way to stay in touch with Varia is by subscribing to our RSS feeds.

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    Last updated: Tue 19 January 2021