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  • Doodle Dabble
    2024-07-27 09:45:00
    Published at 06 May 2024

    Doodle Dabble is a workshop for children to dip their toes in the pond of Varia. It is an invitation to observe and jump in different puddles of the space. Let's move our bodies, play games, and doodle around!

    As part of Varia's Accessibility Seed research thread, Varia is opening its space with an intention to learn from children how they intuitively find their ways to access spaces and reside in multi-language situations with playful manner.

    Happening every last Saturday of the month, it is one of the three repeating workshop series (25th May, 29th June, 27th July) with a guest artist Chaeyoung Kim.

    Chaeyoung Kim (KR) is an artist and researcher working in the Netherlands with an interest in bringing people together. Trained as a painter, her artistic practice is materialised by the use of illustration, physical props, self-publishing, and hosting. More recently, she has been researching the subjects of humour, intimacy, and community building. Her research is supported by a series of publishing acts, which she conceptualizes as 'intimate publishing'.

    Date: Saturday, 27th of July 2024
    Door Open: 9:45 CEST
    Time: 10:00-12:00 CEST
    Note: The session will be held in English.)
    Participation: The workshop is limited to 10 participants with ages 5 and up. To join please send an email to info@varia.zone with [ Doodle Dabble ] in the subject.

    This project is supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL.