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  • Peripheral centers and feminist servers
    2024-03-28 19:00:00
    Published at 19 March 2024

    Peripheral centers and feminist servers investigate multiple approaches to the conditions of serving. It interrupts the endless flow of data that fuels the economy, exposing the cracks and gaps of the techno-scientific paradigm imposed on society. Where commands are executed, connections made, trust exchanged, and resources shared.

    This feminist data center brings to light the physical infrastructure and actual labour which enable the processes we perform every day. In this exploration, we think through feminist approaches that reveal the concealed layers of our on(off)line interactions. We broaden our understanding of how this tangible, energy-intensive infrastructure truly operates behind the seemingly innocent notion of the 'cloud'.

    The various projects within Peripheral centers and feminist servers expose their infrastructure, emphasizing the material conditions of their production. We advocate that the fairy tale of immateriality has real socio-economic-environmental consequences.

    Peripheral centers and feminist servers is realised in the context of the Special Issue 23 of the Experimental Publishing Master.

    Date: 28.03.2024

    Time: 19:00-21:30

    Location: Varia (Gouwstraat 3)